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Fintech Sales FastTrack for Founders
& Sales Teams


What: Fintech Sales FastTrack Programme

When: 21 to 22 September 2022  9am - 5pm (both days)

Where: London, Blackfriars EC4Y - United Kingdom

All refreshments, lunches and networking drinks and canapés included

Price: £5,000 pp + VAT

*** Because this is an in-person event, spaces are limited & we are speaking to applicants to make sure there is a good fit***


Learn the strategies and tactics of reliably doing enterprise software sales
to financial services, in a two-day in-person masterclass.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Psychology of enterprise sales - not all sales environments are equal. You need a different mindset when it comes to selling like the big boys and girls. It’s not all about working harder

  • Team & culture - know who to hire & when to hire. Avoid the biggest sales hiring mistake that 90% of all first-time tech founders go through.

  • Customer centricity - understanding how to truly become part of the conversation that is happening inside your customer’s minds will allow you to create the experience for them to guide them to the sale with less effort.

  • Pipeline generation & management - more does not always = more. How to fill your pipeline with deals that are actually likely to close this quarter.

  • Value-based selling - you already understand moving beyond features. But you need to move beyond benefits and into value. Learn how to connect your offering to the core imperative of your prospects AND how to choreograph the whole deal from start to finish. (Hint: Lunch is not for wimps. Don’t always be closing).

  • Qualification - The street-wise method of validating the quality of your pipeline. Well-kept secrets, with origins in the fintech mafia elite - BladeLogic, MongoDB, Snowflake.

  • How to become an elite seller within the next 12 months - learn & apply what no one else out there is teaching. Steal a march on your competition.

Additional Resources Included in Your Ticket Price

  • Second person attends for 25% off .third 50% off.

  • Workbook for mapping out your sales strategy for your 1st or 100th deal

  • Go live plan/checklist for every deal

  • The live, in-person event will be recorded and shared with you after the course, to access forever

What Support Can You Expect After The Masterclass?  

  • One monthly 1-2-1 coaching/feedback session for 12 months 

Just as we were about to run out of cash, I closed my first software deal with a major bank.

When I did that first deal in 2013, my life changed forever.
You see, prior to joining the fintech startup, I had been an MD at a global interdealer broker. I had relationships with all the heads of all the major trading desks globally.

Moving into (trying) to sell technology, I thought I could just walk right into any room, and because of my relationships, make deals happen.

How wrong was I?!

I was now selling to technical people and I didnt know how to sell software. I had to figure this out, and fast. Luckily, I had good mentors, and a methodical, relentless approach to learning.

Over the course of the next 12 months, I went on to close another 9 major deals for the fintech startup I was working at. These deals were with some of the biggest financial services companies globally.

The startup went on to become an industry pioneer in the open banking space.

And I had transformed into a rainmaker.

Would you like to learn how to do the same?

In just two days, I’ll teach you (plus research from big tech sales precision), regardless of your level or prior sales experience.

The in-person training is recorded for you so you have it to refer to whenever you want - so you can revisit it at any time.

The training is further augmented by monthly coaching/feedback sessions for the next 12 months.


Why Train With Us?


Finally, FinTech Sales Training focused on the nuances of the UK market, by an experienced FinTech Sales professional with a track record of getting results for clients.


As either a CEO, founder or Sales leader, what you need from your sales team is confidence. That is, confidence in your numbers, in how robust your pipeline is, and ultimately in your ability to win deals.

We give you the skills you need, and those skills will give you that confidence.


James delivers high-impact content straight from his 21-years of experience in Fintech.
We’re busy. We know you are too.

Our training programme is delivered as a 2-day intensive so you aren’t taken out of action for months on end.

We know what to do. Because we've done it. 

We are the first to create a commercial advisory service specifically designed for fintech companies. Our unique experience of selling enterprise software into banks over the past 20 years means we know just how challenging this can be.

We bring big tech sales precision and discipline with the nuances of selling software to banks and financial firms. 

James Dawson

Humble Technology is founded by James, a 21 year fintech professional.

Previously Head of OpenFin, an early player in desktop interoperability, James has built and led teams from inception to leading industry players using his own tried and tested sales techniques. 

With our Fintech Sales FastTrack programme James has packaged his methodologies into a concise and easy to apply programme which if implemented properly can supercharge any fintech's sales growth.